How to Withdraw Money from a PayPal Account in Bangladesh

One of the easiest and fastest ways to send and receive money in Bangladesh along with globally is PayPal. It plays a great role in the professional bloggers’ success. You can use PayPal free with a bank account and a credit card to control over the PayPal account. One PayPal account offers you to do online shopping, acceptance of debit and credit cards and you can use it as your payment method. The advertiser program like Google Adsense pays their payments through a bank account, but you must wait until it reaches up to US$ 100, that’s a long time to fill the requirement. Moreover, there are some problems at the time of withdrawing of money. Some of the banks don’t pay in Bangladeshi banks. As a result, a PayPal account is the simplest and safest way to solve all of these issues. 

Withdrawing Money from a PayPal Account in Bangladesh

A PayPal account is a vital thing for the bloggers and outsourcing personals in Bangladesh. The service is currently not available in Bangladesh, but you can solve it easily. You need to find out a relative living in the country valid for PayPal service, including USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia, KSA, and many more countries across the world. You should use their PayPal account or suggest them to make a new account for you. For this purpose, they need to add their bank account information and credit card number to get access to their account. If you sign as an Advisor, you should use the email address and each time you made transaction will get information about the transaction. After withdrawing money from the PayPal account, your relative will send your money to you through western union or other money transfer services.

Method to Create a PayPal Account from Bangladesh


You have to have or make a good relation with your foreign friend to complete this job. He/she will withdraw amount and send to you via online or money transfer service. It will take 5 business days for USA account and 7 days for non-USA account. PayPal and bank will charge a simple amount for the conversation of your currency from USD to BDT or GBP to US$. But, sending and receiving money to other PayPal accounts is free of costs.


You need to follow the steps below to complete account formation:

1. Visit the site

2. Select sign up or registration

3. You will not find Bangladesh in country list, select United States

4. Ask your friend or relative to give his tax paying pin.

5. Complete registration providing the necessary information that required along with your relative’s bank account details.

6. Finally, tell him to withdraw money and send to your Western Union or any other transaction service. 

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This way you can withdraw money from a PayPal Account in Bangladesh to solve your transnational issues of freelancing jobs. So, guys get paid from your PayPal account from Bangladesh and enjoy your job and life.