Payonner Bangladesh Signup Process For Free Master Card

Payoneer Bangladesh is started on 15 January, 2015. The article is all about Payoneer account opening and applying for Payoneer MasterCard. Do you know what is Payoneer? Payoneer is a leading online payments solution company. They provide online money transfer and e-commerce services all over the world. Payoneer is a registered Member Service provider (MSP) of MasterCard Corporation. The head quarter of Payoneer is situated in New York City of USA. All Credits : www. Dollar Buy Sell BD . net 

Payoneer was founded in 2005. It was founded by Yuval Tal (CEO of Payoneer) and other private investors. At first Yuval Tal invested $2 million as seed funding. An Israeli venture capitalist firm Greylock Partners provided an extra $4 million funding in 2007. The other investors of Payooner Inc. are Carmel Ventures, Crossbar Capital, Ping An, 83North, Wellington Management, Susquehanna Growth Equity and Nyca Partners.

All about Payoneer in Bangladesh


Payoneer has about three million account holders from various countries. It has users from more than 200 countries. The platform offers transaction in more than 150 currencies. There are more than 600 people employing under the company and they have 10 global offices. Every year it moves billions of dollars across the globe. Payooner account holders can receive funds into their bank account or e-wallet.

Payoneer Master Card is flexible and secure. Otherwise, the card holders can use their card in over 1 million ATMs worldwide. That is why, it is now integrated with top freelance marketplaces. In addition, Payoneer is now official payment solution partner of Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc freelance websites.

Payoneer prepaid master card Bangladesh came here as a savior for Bangladeshi freelancer. There are around 350,000 online professional or freelancers in Bangladesh. Before Payoneer started its services in Bangladesh, it was very hard for freelancer to get their salary in time. Actually there was no trusted payment solution for them. All those had problem solved after the arrival of Payoneer Bangladesh.Freelancers are now able to transfer their cash directly into local banks via Payoneer.

Payoneer announced to start their operation in Bangladesh on 14th November, 2014 at a conference. The announcement was made by Head of Asia Pacific Payoneer Mr. Patrick de Courcy. The conference was held in Bashundhara Shopping Complex. More than 700 freelancers and online professionals participated in the conference. Payoneer Bangladesh is now working at full swing in Bangladesh.

Payooner has partnered with Bank Asia to help Bangladeshi freelancers and online professional receive payments from abroad. By this partnership, Bangladeshi citizens providing freelancing services to clients from outside can receive payment in their Payoneer account. Afterwards, they can transfer the fund directly to their local banks. Payooner Bangladesh Bank Asia are working together to make fund transferring easy for freelancers.

In this conference Payoneer announced Emrazina Islam and Shoeb Mohammad as brand ambassador of Payoneer Bangladesh. Both of them started their career as freelancer and become entrepreneur later. They are now working to develop the market of Payoneer in Bangladesh.

Payoneer Master Card Signup Process


Signing up for Payoneer is a little bit hard process. Today we will see you how to sign up for a Payoneer MasterCard. Please follow the below steps to sign up accurately for Payoneer Master Card:

Step 1: At first got to A window will open like below. Click on red marked ‘sign up’ option.

payoneer login page

Step 2: A page like below picture will open. Fill up the form with your first name, last name, email and date of birth. All the information should be legal and as like as your bank account. Click on Next after filling the form.

Step 3: In the new you will be asked for your address and contact number. Select “Bangladesh” from country menu, then writes down your full address with phone number. Then click on “Next”

Step 4: Set a username and password. Username and password will be needed in the time of login. Set a security question and answer of it. Security question will help you to verify or recover your password.

Step 5: You willbe asked to provide your bank account information in new page. This part is very important. Because wrong input of any data in this page will cause difficulty in money withdraw process. After providing Bank information click on submit. Note that, Payoneer provides free master card in Bangladesh, never pay anyone for opening the account.

Click on submit after filling the form correctly. To complete your registration process, you will have to verify your identity. To verify the account on Payoneer you will need one of these:

National ID Card.
International Passport ID.
Driving License.

If you don’t have any one of these, you can create an account by your father/mother’s name who has valid IDs. This is an easy process. It will take 2-3 day for approving the card. 

They will notify you the shipping date by email. Once you complete the sign up process, Payoneer will send you a MasterCard in 20-30 days. You can also get the card by DHL in 3 days. But you have to pay extra 60 dollar for shipping charge. After you receive your card, have to activate your account by logging in and adding the digits from your card. After that, your card will be activated. You can contact at MasterCard Bangladesh office for any kind of query about account opening.

How to withdraw money from Payoneer in Bangladesh


Withdrawing money from Payoneer is an easy process. You can withdraw many from any master card supported ATM in Bangladesh.Please follow the instructions below for withdrawing your money without any problem:
Step 1: Make sure your Payoneer master card have enough balance. Do not withdraw the entire amount. Keep at least 3 dollar left on card otherwise your transaction may fail. For example if you withdraw 100 dollar you need 103 dollar balance on your card.

Step 2: Find a MasterCard supported ATM booth, most of the ATM booths are mastercard supported. Standard Chartered, HSBC banks all booths have this service. AB Bank, DBBL, Prime Banks most of the ATM booths support master card.

Step 3: Insert your card into ATM booth. Hold MasterCard logo on the card using your finger then insert (for getting right order), ATM booth will ask your PIN code, enter the pin. Use fast cash or withdraw option > Select Checking as account type, hopefully you will get your cash next. The cash will be withdrawn in local currency.

How to load Payoneer card from Bangladesh


This is a burning question of many people who ordered Payoneer card. Most of the card holders try to load their card for buying domain, hosting or pay for their Facebook campaign. So how you can load your Payoneer card?

01. You can load money from another Payoneer user’s card. You have to make a payment request to the email of the card holder. The card holder will accept the request and then he can send the money.

02. You can load from marketplaces like upwork, freelancers, fiverr etc.

03. If you are a freelancer and if your client have international credit card, you can load from his credit card. For this you have to send a request with your client’s credit card number.

04. You can load your Payoneer cards from local banks too. For this you have to visit the bank with your passport and money you want to load. This process is very time consuming. So, normally we do not recommend this process.

Please read the rules of Payoneer before trying private loads. Not all accounts are eligible for loading private funds.

Payoneer fees and charges


You have to pay some fees for your Payoneer Bangladesh Master Card.

Card Activation Fee:

You will have t pay some fees in the time of activating your card, it is card activating fee. You have to pay 9.95$ for this.
Card load Charge:

You have to pay 2 dollar in the time of loading money in your card normally. If you want to load money urgently on your card, then you have to pay 5 Dollar. 

Card Maintenance Fees:

You have to pay 2 dollar every month for maintenance of your card and account.

Card Replacement Fees:

If you need to replace the card you can do it by paying 12.95 dollar.

ATM Cash Withdrawal/Transaction fee:

You have to pay 2.15 dollar every time you withdraw money from your card. You have to pay .90 dollar for every declined withdrawal.

Payoneer MasterCard annual fee:

Card holder will have to pay – $29.95 or equal in local currency as annual fee.

Payoneer offers a truly unique solution for people who need to receive payment from overseas. It is one of the most complete global solution of current world. They have a strong customer compliance and risk department which is always ready to help the customer. Payoneer is becoming more popular day by day because of their easy and affordable services. It makes the life of freelancer easy and comfortable because now they don’t need to be tensed about receiving their wages. Payoneer is helping Bangladeshi freelancers to get paid on time and efficiently. So, this is all about Payoneer Bangladesh if you have any question about it please let us know by comment section.